May 2nd saw the opening of the ‘Wrapped’  exhibition at One Two Five Gallery (do have a look and like our Facebook page for notifications of our activities) The gallery was then located on Box Road, near Bath.

The exhibition runs until May 24th and is part of the Select Festival based in and around Stroud for the next three weeks.

katy lux webKaty Luxton shows 3D printed necklaces, earrings and bracelets of such satisfying precision and luminous  colour. She makes a drawing, translates it into a digital file, has it printed and then hand dyes the final three dimensional nylon form.

IMG_7240Annie Beardsley works with lightweight aluminium and heat transfer printing – sublimating imagery onto both sides of the metal so that the interior and exterior of her beautiful rings and cuffs transmit colour and narrative.

Alice Butler Print on debris for inviteAlice Butler prints onto debris from skips – her witty images are found on broken slate , paving stone and tiles. In her second year at Bath Spa University , She says:

‘I have been exploring ‘wrapped in the man-made’. During my excursions into the inner city I found glimpses of beauty all around and took the opportunity to capture them. For me, the contrast of colour, composition and fabric found on concrete creates a refreshing snapshot of the mundane. Transferring the photographs onto found materials brings texture and presence.’

Two figures in a landscape web‘Two figures in a landscape’ by Gary Wood , who has made a completely new body of amazingly powerful ceramic forms. He describes it thus :

‘This is my response to a photograph of two Sri Lankan monks. I am particularly interested in the folds in their robes …….. the resulting piece of work aims to reflect the quiet energy emanating from the photograph but also carries with it a suggestion of landscape and movement. A photograph of Burmese nuns in pink robes triggered the smaller torso forms. these pieces refer to containment and protection.

torsos web


mask web‘Mask ‘ Gary Wood


For my own – I went recently to the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford (which is the most wonderful place ) – looked at feather cloaks , mummified animals, Aleut seal intestine coats – and thought about the way cloth acts as a second skin for us from birth to death.

aleut coatThis is a coat made of thin horizontal strips of seal gut hand sewn together so finely you can barely see the seams.  Given the fragility of the material the workmanship is extraordinary. They were made by Aleut/Unangan people on the Aleutian Islands of Alaska in the early 19th century.

I tore a small piece of wool gauze and magnified it to make a screen printable image to put back onto the same fabric made into dresses and shawls – layering up the grid imagery to allow the woven structure of the cloth to become its own decoration and create its own narrative.

carole wrapped 2

wrapped warren dress frontSilk crepe printed and painted dress with a necklace by Annie Beardsley.

wool gauze scarf 3Wool gauze shawl . Wearable art by Carole Waller.

The collection will be posted in the shop of the website very soon!