On March 9th 2015 I had the honour – and fun – of presenting a small informal fashion show for Bath Councillor and Mayor, Cherry Beath as part of her event ‘Women of Bath’.

This was to celebrate the  amazing achievements of women in Bath at the time of International Women’s Day on March 8th and raised money for the Mayor’s Relief Fund –  which offers real and immediate help to individuals in Bath.
It was a wonderful event attended by gorgeous women – and some lovely men.

I try to make clothes which can be worn by all ages – which completely goes against the grain of fashion marketing which targets a specific demographic – but transgenerational is the word for me I am afraid
I asked 20 wonderful real women to model for me and they all said yes.
My daughter Geena’s friend, Ciara, was the youngest and some of my fantastic third year students from Bath Spa University Contemporary Arts Practise Course , fellow retailers from the Shed – new and old friends –  joined the set. Amongst  the wonderful, good humoured and beautiful others, we convinced Lisa Brett, the lovely Deputy Mayor, Barbara Walker, one of my most loyal clients, and the lovely JoJo Stanton Iles, who produced my last show at the Octagon, so deserved a more front of house role this time!!

Emily Taylor graduated in contemporary Dance from Bath Spa a few years ago and who runs ‘Must Dash Dance’ . She and I have worked together several times and she agreed to choreograph my women …….
After several weeks of making clothes and meeting models it began to come together when re started to rehearse on the Monday afternoon . We mixed my painted clothes with the amazing creations of Ray Harris – who also designs my shapes and came specially this evening to oversee and added his special calming presence.
The great and the good arrived at the Guildhall in Bath at 6pm and Margaret Heffernan gave a great talk about life! – She talked about ‘the journey from trying to fit in – to trying to stand out’
I believe my clothes stand out and I know they don’t fit in to the commercial rules of the fashion world – but they have some kind of energy and they do come to life when they are worn and bringing them to life in this way makes me supremely happy . The clothes are part of my spring collection and will be on the website very soon if not already there ……

Some pictures by Kevin Mitchell :

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Thanks to Mayor Cherry Beath for inviting me to be involved in her event –  and for her patience , thanks  to Lorraine Morgan Brinkhurst for organisation, to Sandra Flower for front of house organisation, her helpfulness to me and for administration.

My great thanks to Caroline Kay Mouat for her marvellous voice and to Ruth Kenyon for her beautiful playing of the harp, and to my wonderful models and choreographer Emily Taylor. Also to my students form Bath Spa University who modelled, assisted, performed and laughed……. and especially to Emily Caldwell for her performance piece.
Thanks to Fran Landsman for the little video of the day whcih will be published soon ,  and to Kevin Mitchell and Naomi Wood for photos.
Thanks to ARTIZAN BARTLETT ST for such fantastic hair and Bath Media Make Up for the loveliness of the faces …….

And to the Sponsors of the Mayor’s event  to raise money for the Mayor’s Relief Fund ,

Thank you to : The Charter Trustees of the City of Bath,  to Crest NicholsonCuro, and  Ralph Allen Press

and to Naomi Wood for the great pictures of preparations  which will be found on my Facebook page.