“I love the versatility of Carole’s clothes — one of her unique tops can take me through lecturing at the University, a lunch with colleagues and on to a civic reception or welcoming official visitors to our historic city. I always feel comfortable and somehow special in one of my Carole Waller jackets.”

Marian McNeir MBE | Former Mayor of Bath

“While I wear Carole Waller’s clothes, I borrow a shade of their beauty and freedom. Whenever I wear them I feel brave. I treasure my older ones the most, for they have the familiarity of friends and bear memories.”

Susan B. Academic and Author

“Collecting drawings, paintings and sculpture is my lifelong passion, which is why it’s so amazing to wear a Carole Waller garment and find myself turned into a work of art!”

Bel Mooney, Columnist, Daily Mail

“Carole Waller is the person to go to if you want- need, demand- more colour in your life…. her extraordinary feeling for colour, volume and lightness of touch informs everything she creates from floaty party pieces,in hand painted gazars and silks,  to exquisite floating fabric hangings – I have two – to her memorable and  durable garden pieces;  laminated sculptures that make an English garden seem  Tuscan in vibrancy.

Anyone who would like to stretch their imagination or skill should take one of her unique textile courses which bring out the best in any latent talent for fabric, painting, drawing and imagining in the new and vibrant form of textile art.  How lucky we are in Bath to have her talents centered in Carole’s Box road light-filled home/studio and sculpture  garden”

Deirdre McSharry, Writer/Editor

“Carole made a wonderful and unique outfit for my daughter’s wedding. We went through a process of choosing the shape of the dress and jacket from existing outfits that Carole had at her studio, and then selected a palette of colours that she would use when painting. A few weeks’ later, I came over to view the fabric, and we decided that Carole would ‘go into’ it again to make it stronger. It was easy then to give the go-ahead for cutting the silk to make into the dress and jacket. A fitting with the dressmaker, and a final check with Carole, and the outfit was ready to go. A finishing touch was to use some offcuts of silk to integrate into a hat to match! Altogether, the process was fascinating and involving – not always easy to make choices of style and colour, but ultimately very satisfying and exciting.”

Anne Selby, Textile Designer