A Christmas Hamper! This boxed set, velvet scarf, face covering and drawstring bag makes a lovely gift packed with tissue and ribbons in a recycled box.

The circle scarf is made to a 1950’s Vogue paper pattern given to me by a friend –  and is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe because its both a scarf and a necklace – elegant and cosy. this one has reds, emerald greens,greys and gold and can be worn by men or women of course. It has adjustable elastic for ift and a pocket for an additional filter if you need it.

You can also find the scarves and face coverings as separate items on the website

The mask is machine washable -and you can also clean by holding in the hot steam of a boiling kettle, which is hotter than a machine wash setting. Dry clean the scarf or you can try a machine gentle cycle if you can tumble dry to bring up the pile.