‘The View from Here’ is a collection of one off garments and scarves by Carole Waller in which the painted marks contrast with screen printed images of trees framed in letterbox like strips – as seen through the windows here. Inspired by the magnificent trees, poplars, box elder, silver birch that surround my home and studio just outside Bath in the UK – observed and photographed with great attention during the winter of 2020/2021.

There is only one of each handpainted piece, and this is so-called banana silk – a mix of wood pulp based viscose rayon with cotton – a supple slippery and shiny gorgeous fabric painted and screenprinted in simple greys on the natural background of creamy gold cloth.

My dog Jake appears in one of the images – not for sale.

You can commission any of my pieces in the colours of your choice if are  inspired by other colourways in the rest of the collection of shirts, coats, jackets and scarves.

Measurements :253cm/99″” by 90cm/35″  Handwash.