‘The View from Here’ is a collection of one off garments and scarves by Carole Waller in which the painted marks contrast with screen printed images of trees framed in letterbox like strips – as seen through the windows here. Inspired by the magnificent trees, poplars, box elder, silver birch that surround my home and studio just outside Bath in the UK .

Colours change as the collection develops and mutates as the summer continues.

There is only one of each handpainted piece, and this is a most beautiful silk munga shawl woven in India by Mukesh, in his small family firm employing just a handful of skilled people. This cloth is very durable, improves in lustre when it is washed and was reserved in the past for royalty! I have painted muted colours into in this naturally goldish silk using slate greys, Pompei red, cream and coral. Wearable all the year round because it’s lightweight, but huge!

You can commission any of my pieces in the colours of your choice if are you  inspired by other colourways in the rest of the collection of shirts, coats, jackets and scarves.

Measurements : 230cm/90″ by 86cm/34″  Handwash.