Carole Waller handpainted grey cotton blouse ‘Olympians’.

This is a shirt with a collar, 3/4 sleeve, and buttons down the front.

A new print dominates this simple organic cotton blouse in grey tones. Find the drawign of an Etruscan dancer from a ceramic vase in the Museum in Athens – muddling up the olympic runners from the games of 2021.

Wash by hand or dry clean.

Measurements are actual and vary slightly : Back length: 72cm/28″ Bustline: 114cm/”

Shoulder to shoulder: 44cm/17″ Sleeve: 39cm15″

You can also commission Carole to make a piece in this style and fabric in other colours or with a different length by referring to colours in other pieces on the website, in the shop, and in the archive.

Reference code for this item: CW50.7