A silk velvet face mask lined with silk crepe de chine  with an internal layer of organic cotton, with a pocket for a filter and adjustable elastic. Silk is naturally anti bacterial, hypoallergenic and provides excellent mechanical as well as electrostatic barrier against fine particles, and can be machine washed so less decadent than it sounds! It is not hot to wear – although warmer than cotton of course.

Waft in some kettle steam if the pile flattens at all. You can also clean by holding the mask in the hot steam of a boiling kettle, which is hotter than a machine wash setting.

There is a hamper available with the mask, a velvet bag to keep it in and a scarf. It’s here : CW8.191

If you would simply like a scarf to match, as shown in the gallery pictures, have a look at this one : CW8.19

Note: These are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). These masks are intended for personal use in non-medical settings, in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus.We do not recommend these masks as a defence for the person wearing the mask against contracting Coronavirus. but helps to protect others by reducing spread from the person wearing the mask.

Due to the personal hygiene nature of the product, the mask is non-returnable.

November 2020