It is a parka – huge and mad with lots of ribbons to change its shape and to play.

The parka is a voluminous swathe of crushed silk – It has a hood , pockets, lots of ties to reshape it how you like – and this piece is a cobalt blue with splats of bright colours inspired by the colours of stained glass windows as they caste their shadows onto the stones in Florentine churches as the sun comes through the windows in the afternoons.

Silk cannot be permanently creased. So: wash the parka by hand and when it is slightly damp tie it up into a tight ball with string to dry and recrease. Sit it on a sunny window windowsill in summer –  or on a radiator in winter, to dry naturally.

Measurements are approximate – the crushing can make it bigger or smaller , use steam from the kettle to relax the creases if too tight!

Backlength 110cm/43″ bust 130cm/50″ sleeve 54cm/21″ shoulder to shoulder 57cm/22″

The scarf in the main photo is £195. Contact me if you would like the scarf!