I shall start by introducing myself: my name is Katie McAuliffe, and I am a Fashion and Textiles student at Southampton University. I am on my third day of work experience with Carole, and
I will be sharing my time at One Two Five on the blog as I go.

I took an interest in No Walking Canvas Ltd when I came across Carole’s work at Bath in Fashion back in April, and so now that I am on my summer break from University, I asked if she would possibly take me on as an intern. Thankfully, she said yes.

When I arrived for my first day at One Two Five, I was struck my the artistic beauty of the house and studios. Carole and her husband Gary display their art proudly all over the house and garden, creating a haven of colour, pattern and shape that would evade a regular home. Ceramic pots and bowls cover the surfaces and great panes of glass trap and reflect colour and light as irregular figures and forms dance on Carole’s glassworks.

Of course, it is her Art to Wear Рthe beautifully painted fabrics that make up her collections Рwhich interests me the most, and so I was pleased to be helping her in her studio on my first day. Carole showed me her inventive technique of practicing  devore almost backwards, with really fantastic results which she will display at Decorex in a couple of weeks time.

Above is a photograph of myself in Carole’s studio.

The colours in the finished pieces of fabric are beautiful. My favourite being the gold piece, which exudes an autumnal warmth with dark red’s, burgundy’s and strong oranges setting off the predominant mixture of transparent and opaque golden tones.