Carole Waller makes paintings, on unstretched cloth and in architectural glass. The work is concerned with our presence and our absence – with how our human energy, and the energy of light and colour affect and influence our surroundings.

She makes freehanging paintings on silk which hang against the wall, or in space – and she also encapsulates these fragile fabrics between glass. The toughened glass panels are laminated with UV resistant resin creating a durable and beautiful glass structure which can be used indoors or out, as it withstands great extremes of temperature and sunlight. The glass panels can be made in various thicknesses and up to 3metres in height and 1.4metres wide. Panels can be used a screens, freestanding artworks , architectural glass components such as windows and doors – and as garden sculpture even combined with water. Installations are often site specific commissions made in collaboration with client’s requirements. Find much more information about the interior and exterior glass projects on the Waller&Wood website where you will also find ceramics by Gary Wood.

Carole is also able to print glass for use as lightboxes, splashbacks and many other applications.

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