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From exotic childhood caravan trips, to my back garden in Bath: getting creative with wearable art clothing

Reflecting on the launch of ‘The view from here’, my latest collection of ‘art to wear’ painted clothes has led me back to a rich tapestry of life memories. Overseas travel has often been a springboard for my work, so the pandemic restrictions have meant new contexts and perspectives – and new sources of inspiration.

Retracing steps from the Roman city

Vivid memories of exotic childhood holidays traversing Europe in a small caravan, combined with living and working in the distinctly Roman city of Bath, have nurtured my interest in returning to Italy. For my young self those holidays were uncomfortable (particularly in the irritating company of my younger brother), yet my mother was not to be dissuaded. The European trips were one side of an unbreakable deal between her and my father.


venice in 1960 carole waller


Emotional themes in wearable art

There are always strong emotional themes (which I usually keep quiet about) behind my wearable art collections. While past collections have drawn on travel experiences, in 2021 I found stillness and inspiration right here on my doorstep.

I’ve written more about this in a longer blog post over on the Waller and Wood website.

Bringing the past and present together – read the full story

My clothes are a lifetime’s work for me – bringing memories of the past and the present together in the painted mark. And the pandemic has allowed me to be still for a while to simply enjoy the trees and flowers.

To read more about my family caravan adventures, and the inspirations for my painted clothes and scarves collections, read my article on my Waller and Wood website.

Read the full story on ‘The view from here’

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