Bel_Mooney_box2Visit Waller&Wood in the middle of Bath at 4 Abbey Green to look at Carole’s current collections and find colours and images which inspire you. If you make an appointment to meet her,  she will suggest styles and fabrics to suit the occasion and requirements of the commission.  If you are too far away to meet you can look at the collections on the website and use them as a reference and starting point to discuss your ideas.

Outfits have been successfully made for clients in California and Ireland with no meetings at all!

Many of the existing styles are one size and lengths can be altered to your requirements.

She will  paint the cloth especially for you in the colours and style you have agreed.

You can then meet up again to look at and approve the fabric before it is made up – or this can be achieved through photographs and email.

Final fittings can be arranged if needed, with Carole and / or her dressmaker to complete the process.