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one two five gallery small12026402_10156034194870545_1967690536_n

ONE TWO FIVE GALLERY is at 4 Abbey Green Bath BA11NW.

Visit the website to find out more:
OPEN FROM WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY between 11am and 5pm and  by appointment any other time.

Appointments: 07803 033629.

You will find my painted clothes, scarves, glass and paintings, ceramics – and either myself, Carole Waller, or Gary Wood looking after the space.
We are showing a beautiful collection of Gary Wood’s stoneware ceramics – from his art collection of studio pieces alongside his beautiful functional teabowls available in the gallery and online at the tea bowl company website

I moved to Bath in 1994 with the idea that I wanted a shop window with a studio behind – It has taken a while as I was busy with shops such as Harvey Nichols, Liberty of London , Bergdorf Goodman in New York and galleries all over the world –  so i have been tucked away in my garden studio for all this time. Finally, after 17 fantastic years putting on exhibitions at the private gallery in the house at ONE TWO FIVE – we are delighted to have relocated  the gallery  at 4 Abbey Green in the middle of the city under the lovely plane tree in the square close to the Abbey.

Walk this Way is here

Thank you to William King for this wonderful little film which captures the feel of the Fashion Show in May at the Octagon in Milsom  Place in Bath – so well.

It is all about contrast – how to wear interesting clothes in your own style, whether you are 16 or 76 ….. my clothes were styled with collections from BLUE in Bath.

Will Renel made and played on the night some great music – of which the film only uses a tiny portion – and Emily Taylor choreographed the models – my  friends, my daughter’s friends and staff from the RUH Cancer Unit


Walk This Way Fashion Show With Carole Waller and Blue

Summer Exhibition at One Two Five Gallery

Gary and I are now preparing for the Summer Exhibition at one two five gallery and hope you may be able to drop in between June 21st and 28th anytime between 11 and 6pm daily – Gary has some fascinating new pieces on show and I am showing all the clothes from the Fashion Show in May  – we raised some funds for the RUH and St Johns Hospital and we hope this will help in a small way the Art at the Heart project for the  new Cancer Care Unit at the RUH in Bath – and the St Johns Hospital Community Projects

summer show 2014

Walk This Way – a Fashion show


Last Thursday was one of those days when it just all comes together – it was wonderful.

20 models ranging in age from 16 to 70 something – beautiful friends of mine, beutiful friends of my daughter Georgina, and beautiful staff from the Royal United Hospital  – brought my clothes to life in a disused and evocative Georgian church called The Octagon at Milsom Place in Bath.

It has to be my favourite space in the city, quiet and dignified and hidden from view as it sits right in the middle – but surrounded by other buildings. While it awaits becoming  – Milsom Place hope to let it permanently – it hovers in a state of being  which is unique in a city so devoted to brands,  retail and tourism.

I worked with the shop Blue – at the Loft on Bartlett St in Bath – to show that although my painted clothes are completely unique – they are very wearable, they can be worn by any age , shape and for many different occasions.

I was  honoured by the participation of the wonderful RSC actress Sara Kestelman , the

Fabulous Fashionista Jean Woods. , and the brilliant ex Natural Theatre Company Annie Beardsley.

IMG_2208IMG_1477Cate Wood necklaceannie necklaceAndrew logan brooch

We raised funds for the  Royal United Hospital’s Forever Friends Appeal for art commissions in the new cancer care unit and for the community projects programme of St Johns Hospital.

Millinery by Carole Wadham Jewellery by Annie Beardsley and  lovely collaborative necklaces by Cate Wood

Will Renel and friends created a soundscape and choreography  was taught  to the models in double quick time by Emily Taylor

Hair by Artizan  Make up by Body Shop




Select 2014 – Stroud International Textiles


Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.55.16

The ambitious and extensive series of exhibitions, workshops, talks and symposia that is Select  2014 is up and running until May 31st. Exhibitions can be found in Stroud , Cirencester, Nailsworth, CheltenhamNewark Park .
I installed “Insulae’ – which about the legacy of a space ,  the sense of containment in the simple image of a house, and the knowledge of past inhabitants –   at the Corinium Museum yesterday in Cirencester which is now open until May 30th – along with the beautiful textile work of Amy Wallace. My inspiration was certainly the floor mosaics found in Cirencester and displayed in the Museum on the walls – and too the visit last year to Ephesus with its fantastic sense of how a Roman city was in its time.
Insulae 1 small Insulae 2 small ephesus mosaic ephesus 2
 The Exhibition ‘Shadow and Line ‘ opens tomorrow at The Museum in the Park in Stroud – nine artists explore the theme including two of my favourites – Elizabeth Turrell and Caroline Bartlett 
‘Shadow and Line’ is one of many exhibitions taking place during Stroud International Textiles’ Select festival, which showcases nine nationally acclaimed artists exhibiting work on the theme of ‘Shadow and Line’ at Museum in the Park, Stratford road.
Stroud International Textiles is a not a profit arts organisation dedicated to the promotion of the arts with an emphasis on contemporary textiles and the applied arts/crafts. Select is an innovative annual festival programme of exhibitions and learning experiences that takes place every Spring.
See what’s on at this year Select 2014 with Stroud International Textiles by visiting or following on twitter @stroudIntText to give you updates on exhibitions, talks, workshops and Select trail 2014.

Fashion week proves my point

I have always hoped that people would wear my clothes whenever they felt like it rather only for special occasions , Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into  a hypermarket for the Chanel show for Autumn 2014 in Paris last week.

Meanwhile in the real world , the sun is shining at last and I am looking forward to a busy time forthcoming – having felt in stasis for three months while it rained ……The David Bailey ‘Stardust’ exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery gave me the opportunity to take Georgina to London and we had a great day of giggles, photography, tweeting and watching hair-netted models sashaying along with their takeaway coffee outside Somerset House on the final day of London Fashion Week.

I am seriously attending to new work for a Fashion Show in Bath in May – and an exhibition in April called ‘Footsteps’

in the Corinium Museum in Cirencester as part of the Select Festival 2014  by Stroud International Textiles.

corinium 1corinium 2corinium museum

The museum is a treasure trove – containing one of the finest and most extensive Romano-British collections in the country.  The collection relates to both the town of Cirencester, Corinium was the second largest town in Roman Britain, and its hinterland.  Beautifully displayed and fascinating collections of  mosaics, artefacts , knives , spoons , bits of belts  etc – here it is on my doorstep, reminding me of visiting Ephesus last year Ephesus in the early morning and the  mosaics and painted walls  in the terraced houses. To work.

ephesus 3 terraced housesephesus mosaic

ephesus early morningephesus 2

Who is your favourite fashionista?

IRENE WALLER is mine.mum modelling

Following on from last year’s wonderful programme Fabulous Fashionistas by Sue Bourne – I want to make a small homage to my MUM, Irene, – my model, my mentor and my trusted critic of many years.
She wears my painted clothes most days – she has a lot of them. modelling

velvet coat1velvet waistcoatEtruscan coat

Irene Waller has written seminal books on textile as an art form – and the artists who made that happen in the 1970’s. She studied textiles in the 1950s at Birmingham College of Art and then ran the constructed textile department there until she took early retirement in the 1970s to pursue her career as a textile artist, writer and lecturer. Her documentation of the Lausanne Biennale of Contemporary textiles exists in boxes of 35mm slides which she treasures – and which I hope to digitalize, when she will allow!
Birmingham was my home town until I was 19 when I left after my foundation studies in art at  Bourneville College of Art and from there I went to Canterbury College of Art to do my BA in painting – and Irene and Geoffrey moved to the top of the Malvern hills where they still live. Their house sits on an unmade road with a great view over the Welsh mountains. Tolkien drew from there to make the landscape sketches found in The Hobbit.
Mum had introduced me to the work of Gerhardt Knodel in her work as a writer on textile art, and contributor to the documentation of a major art movement – I went on to complete an MFA in Fine Art Textiles at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1980, studying under Joan Livingstone. The first Fashion Show, ‘I’m No walking Canvas’, happened here in 1981. Every year at Cranbrook students were asked to donate work for an auction, but at that time many of us made nothing tangible enough to sell. I persuaded 50 artists to make something which could be ‘worn’, and the event took place in the Cranbrook Museum, and was anarchic and wonderful.
I forgot all about that idea until several years later – when I made the first painted coat on the back of a white cotton lab coat in 1986. Mum lent me £500 to show the first few pieces at Chelsea Craft Fair in 1987, subsequently run by the Crafts Council as Origin. I shall always refer to her in my decision making, and shall always owe her the £500.
thanks Mum!black and white cotton shirt

Conduit St : Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto

conduit st


Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto shops are opposite each other in Conduit St , and never fail to make me smile with joy at the beauty, imagination, and intelligence of their clothes .

miyake window

Both designers make unexpected forms and combine construction and intricacy with abstraction and gesture. The clothes are wearable , beautiful, flattering forms which touch your soul.  

During the late eighties,  when I very first started to make painted clothes I haunted such shops ….trying to understand how fashion , art and clothes worked in relation to each other. Poor as a church mouse, I was persuaded to part with more money than i actually had in the  world – for a silver grey, lovely,  woven shaggy edged jacket by a friend who understood these things , in Issey Miyake in Brompton Road. Thank you Fiona , I still wear it every day in the winter, it has nourished me every year and will continue to do so. Thank you for showing me the beauty of clothes full of soul.

His 2010 collection 132. 5 still takes my breath away

There is constant imagination at play and the results look effortless , as in the best of creativity.

yohji windw

AND best of all – when I was taking the picture of the Yohji window I realised , through the viewfinder that I was seeing perfume bottles in the window . He has re-released his most beautiful perfume, YOHJI, after 11 years of searching – it’s back. Gary and I share it.


Looking through my archives of pictures over the years whilst compiling images for the gallery section of this website I have found some pieces which were seminal in the development of ideas and direction. Here are three.

A painted and screenprinted silk satin evening dress incorporates an image of the bronze charioteer from Delphi in Greece . It  is one of the best-known bronze statues to survive from Ancient Greece. The life-size statue of a chariot-driver was found in 1896 at the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi and is now in the Delphi Museum. It was commissioned by the tyrant Polyzalos of Gela, Sicily, to commemorate the victory of a chariot team in the Pythian Games, held at the sanctuary at Delphi every four years in honour of Apollo, god of prophecy.

In a lot of my early clothing I was interested in the way archetypical images  – Greek , Egyptian , Etruscan  – communicate a sense of the universality of the human condition through what we now regard as classical representation.

Christmas Exhibitions

cate necklace websizeThank you to everyone who came to visit the various exhibitions and sales in London and Bath over the past few weeks – Handmade in Britain , our Christmas Show at One Two Five Gallery  in Bath with wonderful Cate Wood jewellery. Cate recycles found coins,keys,tokens – things which unlock and refer to our past. In this special collection for One Two Five Gallery she incorporated silk offcuts from my painted clothing and broken ceramics from Gary’s hammer! We still have one or two pieces including this beautiful necklace on oxidized silver chain if you contact me soon.

Michelle Keeling showed her beautiful glass pendants and earrings and Ben Rothery gave us a collection of his intricate prints and cards

So now into hibernation while I begin the thoughts and ideas for a spring collection – which will most probably draw on images, light and stones seen in Turkey on a recent short trip. The collection will be previewed in Bath at a Fashion show on February 25th in the beautiful banqueting hall of Bath’s Guildhall – raising money for a group of charities for the Mayor – which include the Forever Friends appeal at The RUH in Bath.