Conduit St : Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto

conduit st


Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto shops are opposite each other in Conduit St , and never fail to make me smile with joy at the beauty, imagination, and intelligence of their clothes .

miyake window

Both designers make unexpected forms and combine construction and intricacy with abstraction and gesture. The clothes are wearable , beautiful, flattering forms which touch your soul.  

During the late eighties,  when I very first started to make painted clothes I haunted such shops ….trying to understand how fashion , art and clothes worked in relation to each other. Poor as a church mouse, I was persuaded to part with more money than i actually had in the  world – for a silver grey, lovely,  woven shaggy edged jacket by a friend who understood these things , in Issey Miyake in Brompton Road. Thank you Fiona , I still wear it every day in the winter, it has nourished me every year and will continue to do so. Thank you for showing me the beauty of clothes full of soul.

His 2010 collection 132. 5 still takes my breath away

There is constant imagination at play and the results look effortless , as in the best of creativity.

yohji windw

AND best of all – when I was taking the picture of the Yohji window I realised , through the viewfinder that I was seeing perfume bottles in the window . He has re-released his most beautiful perfume, YOHJI, after 11 years of searching – it’s back. Gary and I share it.


Looking through my archives of pictures over the years whilst compiling images for the gallery section of this website I have found some pieces which were seminal in the development of ideas and direction. Here are three.

A painted and screenprinted silk satin evening dress incorporates an image of the bronze charioteer from Delphi in Greece . It  is one of the best-known bronze statues to survive from Ancient Greece. The life-size statue of a chariot-driver was found in 1896 at the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi and is now in the Delphi Museum. It was commissioned by the tyrant Polyzalos of Gela, Sicily, to commemorate the victory of a chariot team in the Pythian Games, held at the sanctuary at Delphi every four years in honour of Apollo, god of prophecy.

In a lot of my early clothing I was interested in the way archetypical images  – Greek , Egyptian , Etruscan  – communicate a sense of the universality of the human condition through what we now regard as classical representation.

Christmas Exhibitions

cate necklace websizeThank you to everyone who came to visit the various exhibitions and sales in London and Bath over the past few weeks – Handmade in Britain , our Christmas Show at One Two Five Gallery  in Bath with wonderful Cate Wood jewellery. Cate recycles found coins,keys,tokens – things which unlock and refer to our past. In this special collection for One Two Five Gallery she incorporated silk offcuts from my painted clothing and broken ceramics from Gary’s hammer! We still have one or two pieces including this beautiful necklace on oxidized silver chain if you contact me soon.

Michelle Keeling showed her beautiful glass pendants and earrings and Ben Rothery gave us a collection of his intricate prints and cards

So now into hibernation while I begin the thoughts and ideas for a spring collection – which will most probably draw on images, light and stones seen in Turkey on a recent short trip. The collection will be previewed in Bath at a Fashion show on February 25th in the beautiful banqueting hall of Bath’s Guildhall – raising money for a group of charities for the Mayor – which include the Forever Friends appeal at The RUH in Bath.

Handmade in Britain


The London venue for purchasing my winter Collection 2013 is Handmade in Britain.

8th to 10th November 11.00 – 18.00 Tickets £5 online £7 on the door or email me for a 2 for 1 voucher

Decorex International Show

Decorex International is an annual trade exhibition of fabrics, furniture, lighting,wall and floorccoverings – and lots of other decorative elements for interior design.
It has been running for many years and its traditional stance has recently seen lots of updating and some innovative and beautiful products were on show this year. I showed there with Regina Heinz who makes most beautiful ceramic tiles

I worked closely with the laminators of my glassworks – T4 Design – to produce some new abstract fabrics and panels of glass for interior use.
Abstract design :  Silver, gold, and blue.
They loved it and the reception was SO enthusiastic I have not had time to respond to everyone’s  individual enquiries. I am sorry!
The painted silk cloths can be hung flat against walls, or for bound wall panels – or  for the voile, inner layer of curtaining. The fabric has been worked (etched or burn out or devore in technical terms) to introduce texture through a mix of transparency and opacity.
Light , weather and wet colour are the inspiration for the marks and intensity of colour –  the cloth is painted by hand, to produce a fabric and image full of depth and a sense of fluidity –



and a sense of three dimensionality – as inspired by the English landscapes I am looking at  – here is the pond in Kensington Gardens early in the morning, where Decorex took place.
This cloth can be laminated between two layers of toughened glass to produce freestanding glass panels , screens , door panels – windows – balustrades and anything your imagination can invent in a context where glass might be used in or out of doors.
Thank you Katie for documenting your work experience days on this blog! Good Luck in you future at college and real life …..keep in touch  everyone

The Pink Jacket

I am in love with this jacket. I have seen it through it’s entire journey. I saw Carole paint it and steam it, and then I washed it, span it, dried it and ironed it before it was sent off to the dressmaker to be made into this beautiful jacket. And now I have steamed it and witnessed it being photographed at the fashion shoot.

Above are some behind the scenes shots that I have taken.

The Pink Jacket – by Katie

I am in love with this jacket. I have seen it through it’s entire journey. I saw Carole paint it and steam it, and then I washed it, span it, dried it and ironed it before it was sent off to the dressmaker to be made into this beautiful jacket. And now I have steamed it and witnessed it being photographed at the fashion shoot. 

Above are some behind the scenes shots that I have taken. 

A couple more photographs from our shoot today – by Katie

Here Carole is moving the garment to create a drape in the cloth, so that when it is photographed with the use of the fan, the image has the composition that she wants. 

Photo shoot – by Katie

So we have arrived that the photo studio in Bristol, and hair and make-up is well underway in the dressing room whilst the photographer discusses light and composition with Carole. 

Carole’s vision for the shoot is to illustrate the essence of the empowered woman, creating an

image that will speak to her demographic and enhance her new website. 
The studio itself is striking, a huge cove that appears to stretch out to infinity. It’s a fitting canvas for such strong, expressive and abstract clothing. 

Getting ready for Decorex – By Katie

As we shall be installing Carole’s new work next week at Decorex International, part of Design Week in London –  we are getting the fabrics photographed and ready to go. The backwards devore method that I mentioned in a previous post has been used on these three fabrics which will be sold as voiles. 

Since my last post on these pieces, I have changed my mind – I have now fallen in love with the silver piece, my new favourite! The colour scheme is beautiful, and I can already imagine in someones home hanging in splendor with the sun light behind it.